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School Management System

Developer’s Description

School Management System
Netha School Management System is a fully automated web based (online) Software system for managing Student’s information, along with Staff, Accounts and Library Management across several Schools, Colleges and Universities spanning in multiple countries, using a single centralized database. It features student records management including photo, track marks and attendance, generate progress reports, mark sheets and relieving certificates, fee processing with various options, use dynamic templates to print relieving certificates and payment, and role based security to control data access and features

School Management Software Free Download

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Why we develop the school management system software

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School Management System Free Download

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School management software is an application designed specifically for managing the managerial work of various schools and educational establishments. It has several modules which help staff and teachers to keep student activities such as day to day activities, timetable management, record maintenance, fee management, student evaluations, etc. within their control. Besides that, this application can be used for recording activities such as lesson reviews, lesson notes, class assessment, meeting minutes, instructor led discussions, teacher led discussions, and any other activities. It also helps in managing financial aspects such as maintaining student and faculty accounts, budgeting and allocation of resources, planning for events, and keeping communication channels open with other school officials and parents.The best thing about the Windows school management system is that it enables the user to be able to view and access all information on the computer at once, without needing to go to multiple places for information. This enables fast and efficient transfer of data and communication between all parties involved in the school’s business. This makes it a very good solution for a large institution with a number of students. However, there are certain systems that do not work on the Windows version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, so make sure you get full control over the system before you purchase one.

There is an option in the Windows school management system to allow online students to be able to pay their fees using a credit card, debit card, and even PayPal. This is one of the latest features available for the online admission module. Another interesting addition that has been added to the online admission module is the “pay by check” payment option. This option can be set up by using the “PayPal Check” tab in the school software. This way, the school can receive money instead of having to process individual checks.

Administrator Dashboard

Admin deshbord

  • Admin can manage full this software.
  • Add dynamic class, section and group.
  • Admin can select student capacity in a class and section.
  • Admin can view, edit and delete class’s information, section and group.
  • Add new student in this software as student admission.
  • Admin can view student’s details and parents information.
  • Edit and delete student information.
  • Admin can view the full school students attendance percentage.
  • Students attendance percentage have two type a) Daily or running attendance percentage. b) Total or yearly attendance percentage.
  • Add class routine for individual class.
  • Add new teacher in this system.
  • Can edit and delete any teacher’s information.
  • Add dynamic subjects for every class.
  • Can delete from any class also edit class subject information.
  • Admin can declared notice for all user in this software.
  • If admin want declared different notice for different user.
  • Admin can make parents profile for this software.
  • Admin can delete parents profile.
  • Add grade with point for examination.
  • Add exam and exam routine by different class.
  • Admin can view all examination routine by class title and exam title.
  • If admin want can edit and delete exam and examination routine.
  • Admin can view the result of examination attendance.
  • Admin can check result sheet and accept result sheet which is sent from teacher.
  • Admin can complete the full result in a class and publish the result.
  • Admin can publish the result in the school for all class.
  • Admin can view any student’s mark sheet.
  • Add new book and book’s category for library in this software.
  • Admin can view, edit and delete books and book’s category from the library.
  • Add new transport, route and vehicles for the school’s students, teachers and employee.
  • Admin can edit and delete this route’s information in this software.
  • Admin can add account title by account type for controlling the accounting in this software.
  • Admin can edit and delete account title from this software.
  • Admin can make student transaction slip when student give the tuition fee and other payments.
  • Admin can view the full student transaction slip.
  • If admin want to delete this slip, he can delete full slip at a time.
  • If admin want to edit or delete one or two item in a slip, also he can do that.
  • Admin can sent massage to any user in this software.
  • Admin can delete his inbox massager only.
  • Admin can view, edit and change his personal profile information.
  • Admin can set or change the his profile picture, he also can change the password for this software.
  • Admin can change the weekly of day in this software.
  • Admin can change the general configuration settings.
  • Admin can set or change the time zone.
  • Admin can add new dormitories, dormitories room and bed and full dormitories managing access.
  • Admin have a personal events calendar as he wrote down his events in this calendar.

Software to manage the in-house operations of a school

School Management Software is a detailed and centralised tool to help administrators better oversee their day-to-day activities. It can be employed to gain a better oversight in regards to in-house activities and as this platform is highly centralised, it is quite easy to send these findings to other stakeholders (such as teachers and even parents).

Main Purpose and Additional Functions

School Management Software can be viewed as another form of CRM (customer relations management). In this case, all details are designed to interpret variables within a learning environment. Some common examples include attendance records, grades, individual student information and fees. Different reports can be generated depending upon the requirements of the user. An additional feature that proves advantageous is that this software was designed with a user-friendly architecture in mind. All commands and controls are easy to understand. Any details can then be exported and shared when required.

Other Options

School Management Software is equipped with a ten-day free trial period before the entire bundle will need to be purchased. Some other tools provided include the possibility of generating expense reports, the ability to add new staff members into the curriculum and a centralised overview of any ongoing examinations. It is even possible to generate graduation certificates and similar documents.

Author’s review


  • A highly efficient and versatile software package.

  • The user has the ability to choose from dozens of different tasks.


  • A ten-day free trial period is offered.

  • Smaller institutions may find some of the tools unnecessary or otherwise redundant.

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