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If you are worried about protecting your children from the dangers of the Internet, or concerned about your employees using company time for other things than work, or wondering what your spouse or mate is doing online, PC-ward will provide you with everything you need to know.

Watch your children or mate chatting on AOL, ICQ, YAHOO, IRC or *any* chat program, including videoconferencing programs, and see the chat (and video) both ways.

See if your employees are working or slacking off. What kind of e-mail they are sending and receiving? Are they spending more time in business applications, or games? Are they spending valuable company time doing their online shopping? Surfing inappropriate web sites?

Is your mate engaged in cyber-play or having an online affair that you want to know about?

PC-ward records everything on the computer as you see it. There is virtually no learning curve – you can have it up and running within minutes!

PC-ward will record everything done and used on your computer. Just a few examples of what PC-ward will record:â?¢ Every program opened, and what it was used forâ?¢ Every Web Site visited including facebook

â?¢ Text Chat Conversations in *any* chat program, including AOL – you will see both sent and received messages

â?¢ Videoconferencing sessions (both video and text – sent and received)

â?¢ Keystrokes Typed Locally – whether in chat, e-mail, a word processor, a text file – anything at all!

â?¢ Live Streaming Video as well as and pre-recorded video movies

â?¢ E-mails Sent & Viewed – including Web-based E-mail.

may capture all the headlines, but on a practical level, the real story is that PCs aren’t cheap. In the last couple of years, it’s been particularly difficult to swing a whole new PC due to supply chain issues. Fortunately, there’s no reason to rush out and spend hundreds on a fresh system if your computer’s starting to feel pokey.Investing small amounts in key new PC hardware can keep your computer running strong for years to come. These upgrades—most costing well under $100—breathe new life into slow machines. You just have to be strategic and make sure you’re putting your money in the best place for your particular system.Editor’s note: This article was last updated December 28, 2021 with current hardware and pricing information.This upgrade is incredibly affordable these days, too. Prices have plummeted over the years, sending higher-capacity drives well under $100. You can pick up options like the Samsung 870 EVO (currently $70 for 500GB on Amazon) and the SK Hynix S31 ($53 for 500GB on Amazon), with 1TB drives skirting right around the $100 mark. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always dip down to a 240GB SSD and use it as a boot drive alongside your current hard drive. Our guide to the best SSDs can help you find other top options.A word of warning about SSDs, and all the hardware discussed in this article: You can often find lower prices if you sift through Amazon or Newegg for no-name or lesser-known brands. But you’re gambling on reliability and support when you move away from established PC hardware makers. Stick with name-brand gear unless you absolutely, positively can’t afford it.If your computer’s having trouble running multiple tasks simultaneously, low memory is a likely culprit. Two gigabytes of RAM is the absolute minimum modern Windows systems need to run smoothly, and even PCs with 4GB of memory can start to feel slow if you’re running several programs, keep a dozen Chrome tabs open, or game with some background processes still running.Like SSDs, memory is affordable these days–it’s been thankfully unaffected so far by supply issues. Expect to pay about $50 for 8GB of DDR4-3200 RAM (2x4GB) and $70 for 16GB for desktop PCs. Stick to reliable brands like Kingston, G.Skill, and Corsair, even if you’re tempted to save pennies by going with a no-name company. For laptops with expandable memory slots, a 4GB SO-DIMM of DDR4-3200 is about $25, while 8GB runs about $40.Be sure to get the right type of memory for your PC: RAM comes in all sorts of different packages. The easiest way to tell what type of RAM resides in your PC is to download the free, superb CPU-Z software, then open the Memory tab and look for the “type” option. Our guide tAMD’s AM4 motherboards have powered AMD’s Ryzen CPUs since early 2017. Since many prebuilt AMD systems sport modest processors, upgrading to a modern CPU can give your PC a shot in the arm. If you’ve already got an AM4 system, you can pop in a newer processor. How much newer is dependent on the chipset of your motherboard, though, so you’ll need to first make sure the new chip is compatible. Before you buy, fire up CPU-Z and search for the “Chipset” entry in the main Mainboard tab to see your mobo’s info. Our guide to the best gaming CPUs can help you find a Ryzen chip that’s worth your money.Intel switches out its motherboards and socket types much more often, and its chips tend to be much more expensive. Replacing Intel chips aren’t really an affordable upgrade in most cases.You spend most of your time interacting with your computer’s input and output devices, so it’s definitely worth investing in decent peripherals if you spend considerable time at your PC.Start with your monitor. If you’re still using a lower-resolution display or (shudder) a fat CRT display, embracing a high-definition 1080p monitor will provide a huge step up in usability. It won’t break the bank either: You can buy a 1080p HP with a 21.5-inch IPS screen for just $130 on Amazon (and often around $100 during sales). IPS screens provide a much more vibrant image than the twisted-nematic panels found in most budget monitors.Alternatively, if you’re a gamer with a Radeon graphics card, consider buying a monitor that supports AMD’s FreeSync technology. (Nvidia GeForce cards also support select FreeSync monitors.) FreeSync synchronizes the refresh rate of your graphics card and display to eliminate stutter and screen tearing in games. While monitors with Nvidia’s competing G-Sync technology fetch steep price premiums, FreeSync adds minimal cost to a display. A 22-inch 1080p FreeSync display by ViewSonic costs just $170 on Amazon, for example.No PC is complete without a monitor, and there’s never been more choice. For gaming, home or the office, PC monitors have evolved to specifically cater to the needs of every type of computer user.You’ll find PC monitors in a range of sizes and equipped with a variety of resolutions. Our range features monitors that utilise the latest technology to enhance the computing experience for everyone, from graphic designers to movie buffs. The most popular LCD monitors use In-Plane Switching – or IPS – as these deliver better colour accuracy and consistency than rival technologies, and their viewing angles are great for colour-sensitive content like TV shows, films and photos. The most affordable monitors have Full-HD resolution, delivering 1920 x 1080p graphics. These monitors offer up striking graphics without putting too much strain on graphics cards. You’ll also find 2560 x 1440p monitors, and Ultra or Quad-HD 4k resolution at the top end.4k delivers massive improvements over 1080p as it’s made from over 8 million pixels, while a 1080p screen uses 2 million. If you’ve got a solid graphics card, a 4k PC monitor isn’t your only option. More powerful graphics cards also have what it takes to handle the largest widescreen monitors.Modern monitors are all of the LED flatscreen variety, and you can choose from a range of screen sizes and styles, from 18.5” to 34” widescreens for superior gaming and movie viewing. Smaller screens are ideal for cramped spaces or for dual monitor or multi-screen set ups. Curved PC monitors offer a more immersive viewing experience, touch screens are great if you sit closer to your display, and many of the latest monitors are wall mountable to save you valuable surface space in the home or office.

Our PC monitor range is designed to complement our full PC range, including our gaming PCs and iMac range.In November 1991, Vision Technology Group Ltd, led by Jan Murray, opened the first PC World shop in Purley Way, Croydon. In February 1993, when Dixons Group plc (now Dixons Carphone) purchased the chain, there were four PC World shops in existence. There followed a period of expansion, as more shops were opened across the country.Jan Murray attainined an annual turnover of £50 million by April 1992, as he had opened the four largest flagship stores around London.[2] This expansion was partly driven by a series of acquisitions, beginning with DN Computer Services in November 1996, followed by Byte Computer Superstores Ltd in April 1998, and MicroWarehouse in June 2004.In November 1997, singer Gary Glitter took a laptop into a branch of PC World in Bristol for repair, where child abuse imagery was found by staff, who informed the police and Glitter was subsequently charged and found guilty of possessing child pornography.[3] This conviction severely damaged Glitter’s reputation, and effectively ended his career.

In September 2006, PC World UK assumed management control of its French subsidiary. In 2006, there were 163 PC World shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[citation needed] In the United Kingdom, PC World Business was launched in September 1997. Since March 2001, PC World Business has been based in Bury, Greater Manchester, and has its own management team.

In October 2006, PC World launched “The Connected Home”, selling PC based home entertainment systems and installation services. During 2007 to 2008, PC World was due to undergo a style change, with a proposed new logo, staff uniforms, shop layouts, as part of its image re branding programme. The changes were trialled at branches in Brentford, Colchester, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Enfield, Burnley and North Shields.

On 13 December 2007, it was announced that PC World would begin selling Dell PCs in their shops. This was one of many moves Dell made to sell their desktops and laptops to a wider market. This also includes Dell selling their XPS systems in many HMV shops across the United Kingdom.In August 2008, the “proposed” logo was shelved, in favour of a new logo. In December 2008, PC World reported its first ever loss, posting underlying losses of £29.8 million in the six months to October 2008, compared to a £52.4 million profit in 2007

PC World, Kensington High Street, London, (2010)
PC World, Kingston Park, (2007). The shop carries the previous logo. (2000 to 2008)
Outside Southampton Central PC World (December 2006). The shop carries the proposed “new” logo. (This was not rolled out, and a different design was later chosen.)

PC World opened their first two in one megastore with Currys at Wandsworth Bridge, Fulham, on 29 October 2009, followed by Merry Hill Shopping Centre (West Midlands), Aintree (Merseyside) Teesside Park (Stockton-on-Tees) and Bridge of Dee (Aberdeen) in June and July 2010. PC World closed their last remaining standalone shop in Ayr, in the week commencing 26 March 2018.PC World’s website was merged into Currys in July 2019, resulting in the end of PC World as the separate retailer.Dixons Carphone announced they will rebrand as Currys plc in September 2021, dropping the PC World from the Currys name. The change also replaced Team Knowhow and Carphone Warehouse brands within the existing Currys brand. This resulted in the end of the PC World name after 29 years.In February 2005, PC World attracted criticism, for the strong promotion of extended warranties (also known as insurance and support packages)[4] and in May 2013, if an extended warranty is not purchased, customers are required to use outsourced, local rate telephone support for hardware issues or premium rate telephone lines (£1/minute, except for set up which is 75p/minute) for software issues.[An internet survey by Which? in June 2004 ranked PC World joint last for customer satisfaction.In March 2006, PC World attempted to get away from its reputation for having sales staff on up to 20% commission, who would therefore use high pressure sales tactics with its “One Team” marketing campaign.The bonus was also based on other non monetary metrics, such as customer satisfaction. To compensate the 275 highest earners under the old scheme for reduced bonuses, their basic pay was raised by 16% from around £11,000 to around £13,000 per yearIn December 2007, in an response to the perception that PC World staff are often young, and lacking in knowledge and communications skills,[who?] a set of e-learning courses called “The Power of Knowledge” were completed by 6,000 staff.[10] The results were incorporated into their Christmas bonuses, as an incentive for staff to improve their knowledge.Another survey for Which? in January 2008 revealed that PC World was ranked in the bottom ten retailers in the United Kingdom.[11] In June 2014, Which? also reported PC World overcharging for repairs, and lack of technical competence among technicians. This was from seven sampled shops.[when?][12]In March 2014, an “offensive” PC World logo was visible, if you had typed ‘computer superstore’ on Google.[13] In June 2014, the BBC’s consumer awareness programme Watchdog found that PC World was accused of misselling HDMI cables in 9 out of 15 test purchases, claiming that the more you pay the better the quality, which was a false statementIn January 2006, after numerous complaints, PC World was forced to remove an advert, that gave misinformation about wireless networking.[15] There have also been countless other complaints over adverts, particularly regarding goods advertised, but not actually available in the shops.In September 2007, a customer alleged that when he returned a laptop under warranty with a faulty hinge, PC World refused to honour their warranty because he had installed a Linux operating system on the laptop, and therefore had invalidated the warranty he had had on the product, although the fault was a hardware matter and would not have been affected by the operating system installed.[18]In September 2009, PC World staff were investigated for posting abusive and offensive comments about customers on Facebook.A combined Currys PC World was created here, on the HeadrowLeeds. This was when the Currys branch on Briggate was relocated within this PC World. (2013)PC World traded only in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It previously also traded in other Europeancountries, but were disposed as the parent company refocusseThe European shops traded under the name PC City. In February 2007, the French shops were the first of the Mainland Europe shops to be closed down.In April 2009, the Swedish shops were closed down, and the online operation then switched to the ElectroWorld brand.[21] 34 shops in Spain also operated under the brand PC City. In April 2011, however, all Spanish shops were closed, as part of Dixons Retail’s withdrawal from the market in Spain.[22]

what is a license key for windows?

A product key is a 25-character code used to activate Windows and help ensure that it is not installed on more PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

What is a PC license key?

A license key is a database that verifies access to a licensed software application. This type of software security prevents software theft. And allows organizations to protect their software from being copied or shared with unauthorized licensed users.

How do I install programs?

Locate and download a .exe file.
Click on the .exe file and double-click it. (It will usually be in your Downloads folder.)
A dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions to install the software.
You will be able to install the software.